Help me pay my medical bills!!

I started a GoFundMe account to help cover recent medical bills, and I NEED YOUR HELP!! As many of you know, the past few months have been incredibly difficult. I’ve been unable to work for the most part, though thankfully my writing jobs have helped. And, due to a miracle, a mountain of paperwork and the absolutely TIRELESS efforts of my mom while I was too unconscious to do anything but sleep, we’ve managed to reduce my medical bills from about $360,000 to about $15,000.

However, $15K is still a LOT of money – it’s the down payment on a home, and not being able to work for the better part of two months + enormous medical bills means I could REALLY USE YOUR HELP! Please DONATE and share! Anything over the final cost of my medical bills will be donated to the St. David’s hospital charity that’s helped me so much!

Another option is to buy my ebook:
Proceeds from that sale will also contribute to my medical bills and living expenses.

Thanks so much for all your love, support, food, kind thoughts and positive vibes! It takes an entire village to survive sometimes…

Please visit: to contribute.


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