Feeling Accomplished on a Friday

There’s this beautiful moment when you’ve been working on a project for months and it finally, suddenly, comes together just so. 

How glorious when that moment happens to coincide with a Friday afternoon! It’s not so often that those two beautiful things pair together so nicely.

This is the project I’ve been working on: thegallerysandiego.org.

It’s the new website for a killer art gallery based in San Diego, CA’s Little Italy district.

About The Client

The Gallery is a non-profit organization in San Diego that provides a community space for the arts. The Gallery features local and nationally renowned artists, a yoga studio and hosts cultural events, fundraisers, lectures, wellness workshops, live music, receptions, group events and much more.

Founded by the Tommy E. Short Charitable Foundation (TESCF) – a global advocate for youth, art, music and the environment – The Gallery furthers TESCF’s mission to enrich lives through educational and inspirational experiences. Through synergistic alliances and associations, the foundation strives to advance these concepts for the greater good.

About the Project

I’m so glad I’ve gotten the chance to work with these fine folks. I love being able to use my talents to help promote and further organizations with heart and purpose.

While, in many ways, this project is still ongoing, it has presented a steep and worthwhile learning curve. While I’ve often prided myself on being able to teach myself practically anything (InDesign, Events Planning, and foreign languages just to name a few examples) this project presented a set of unique challenges.

However, I’ve always believed that by asking the right questions, Googling the right queries and stubbornly persisting in the face of obstacles, you can achieve almost anything.

For this project, I created a basic WordPress premium website, complete with on-page SEO keywords and content and a few backend SEO items. I wrote and edited page content, helped bring clarity and vision to the awesome mission of this nonprofit community space and integrated their site with their Eventbrite and MindBody platforms.

While I’m not a computer scientist or a coder, I’m really good at figuring out how to implement basic website elements on a user-friendly scale. That way I can later pass the editing and upkeep capabilities to other employees who need an approachable and friendly platform from which to spread their message.

I will be continuing my work with The Gallery by maintaining their website and crafting blog posts and feature articles to help spread the word for their upcoming events, exhibits, yoga and wellness offerings. I look forward to connecting more with the leaders, artists and yoga instructors who inhabit that community space.

A Welcome Learning Curve

For this project, I read an entire book on SEO practices for 2017, written by an SEO expert. Now that the bare bones of the website are in place, it’s time to go back through it and review for SEO best practices, based on my notes from reading this book. I look forward to the opportunity to strengthen my knowledge of on-page SEO and how to create wonderful and engaging content so there’s no need to trick search engines because viewers are already looking forward to your next post.

Learning about WordPress Plugins

While I’ve used some WordPress plugins before, this project really expanded my knowledge of how to better implement plugins, as well as better use built-in elements of various online programs, so that I could integrate Eventbrite and Mind Body platforms in ways that better serve my client. As an art gallery and yoga space with tons of weekly classes and events, these two elements were very important to my client. And I want to do whatever I can to help them spread their unique, positive message and get the word out!

Building on Existing Knowledge

This project built nicely upon my current foundation of knowledge. Through this project, I was excited to use my writing skills, my ability to think on my feet, find whatever information I need and quickly adapt to and learn new techniques, skills and projects. Having spent most of my professional life working for nonprofit organizations, I understand the unique challenges these organizations face in today’s world.

Within these do-good organizations, there is more of a need than ever to help promote and spread their positive impact and vision for what the world could look like. They need to be able to better connect with donors, with volunteers, with similar organizations and like-minded businesses, and I’m happy to help them uncover their voice. I’m thrilled that I could use my background in nonprofits to help better understand this company’s unique needs and help them meet their goals.

I look forward to seeing how I can help this organization continue to grow in future.


Happy Friday!