Interested in developing a yoga practice in the comfort of your own home? Check out these old videos I filmed with the YogATX YouTube Channel I helped co-found. I created these videos so that you, whoever you are, whatever level of yoga practice you are at, and whatever physical condition you are in, can practice yoga and stay healthy.

You’ll find videos for injuries, beginners, and seasoned yogis alike. Hope they help you find a little movement, a little comfort and a little peace. For a complete playlist of my videos with YogATX, visit:


Most Watched

Here are some of my most watched videos.

Yoga For Knee Pain

This video is for people suffering from recent knee surgeries/injuries. This is also a GREAT practice for people with broken wrists/suffering from wrist injuries, who are unable to practice a traditional yoga pose. This 20 minute yoga flow takes all pressure off the hands and knees and allows us to meet our bodies exactly where we’re at!

Yoga for Neck Pain

Relieve your neck pain with these simple, quick stretches.

How to do a Handstand

Develop the strength and tools needed to learn how to do a handstand in this easy to follow instructional video.

Quick Morning Yoga Routine

Wake up and start your morning right with this quick, 10-minute yoga flow.